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Educhange: a bridge between students and the world

16 November Nov 2017 1559 16 November 2017
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The experience of a young student from Russia in AIESEC Italia’s project that brings to Italian schools youth from all over the world

“A bridge between students and the world”. With these words Alina, Russian student of International Studies, describes the experience she has undertaken in an Italian school thanks to Educhange. The project of AIESEC Italia allowed her to know a new reality, and to combine her biggest passions: foreign languages as well as the will to leave a positive mark in the world.

Educhange was born in 2015 with the objective to contribute to improving the Italian education system. This project aims to be a contribution of AIESEC Italia to Global Goal n. 4 - quality education- which objective is to guarantee an inclusive education for everybody and to promote permanent opportunities of quality and fair learning. Through Educhange primary and secondary schools have the chance to welcome for six weeks international volunteers, who actively participate to teaching through trainings and workshops in a foreign language aimed at raising students’ awareness regarding the Sustainable Development Goals. Thanks to the presence of the young students coming from abroad the professors can make topics frequently treated inside the class more engaging and light.

Why did Alina choose Educhange, of all volunteering programs that AIESEC proposes? “In Russia I have always committed to volunteering projects with children or youth and what I have noticed is that they are able to promote global values, and that they are also able to break down cultural and mental barriers. Which better place than school to bring forward these issues?

I have noticed that children and youth are able to promote global values and to break down cultural and mental barriers. Which better place than school to bring forward these issues?


What AIESEC aims to do through Educhange is the possibility to create important opportunities for youth who, like Alina, are willing to leave a practical impact and to open a window on the world to Italian students.

Among the projects carried out by Alina during her experience in italy, there is a school newscast carried out with the children of her school on the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The newscast was developed in English and in Italian for a total duration of three hours. This project has not only given Alina the possibility to learn how to be a point of reference for the children, but it has especially allowed youth to get into contact with international issues and global problems.

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