Editorial Advisory Committee


Just as the Italian Editorial advisory committee started in 1994, the joint working table on communication and information known as the "Editorial Advisory Committee " of Vita International gathers together the protagonists of European civil society. It aims to be a point of reference for the European non-profit and volunteer sectors in Brussels, planning and carrying out advocacy work, as a part of a joint strategic effort to have an impact on European policy-making.

Eligibility Criteria

Our editorial board is open to the protagonists of European civil society, such as:
- NPOs
- NGOs
- Foundations
- Social Enterprises
- Think Tanks
- Civil society organisations

What will they do?

- Definition of the editorial guidelines
- Editorial board meetings (once every 2 months)
- Organization of round tables and workshops with a think and do tank approach, on the sector’s latest and most pressing issues (the topics of the round tables will be decided by the EAC)

The collaboration objectives are:

- Increasing the capacity of representation and the impact of the advocacy work for the organisations in Brussels
- Increasing the media coverage of issues related to the Third Sector in Brussels, through a multimedia approach.
- Networking opportunities and sharing of knowledge, resources and experiences.
- Identifying the latest trends within the sector, inspiring innovation.
- Safeguarding and promoting the independence of the voice of the non-profit sector, both from economic and political powers, and also from individual expressions of the Third Sector.

Join our Editorial Advisory Committee

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