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The Youth Speak Forum is AIESEC’s international event, now in its first edition in Italy. Organised by AIESEC Italia, it will take place at the Bocconi University of Milan on the 12th of May. The event main theme is education, the most urgent issue at global level according to young people, as shown by the results of the Youth Speak Survey, released by AIESEC in cooperation with the United Nations.

Youth Speak Forum, AIESEC's international event, bringing together young and senior leaders from all over the world in order to discuss global issues, arrives in Italy for the first time.
The event will take place in Milan on the 12th of May, at the Bocconi University of Milan, from 9 am to 6 pm. More than 300 university students from all over Italy will participate to the event organised by AIESEC Italy, together with institutions, experts and enterprises. Among them Confindustria Giovani, LinkedIn Italia, KPMG, PwC, Carter & Benson, Fondazione Intercultura, Tutored, TAG Innovation School, Unreal, Scuola Open Source, Unreal emotional training, Tree, Global Compact Network and SDSN mediterranean.
The central theme of the Italian edition of the Youth Speak Forum is education. This subject has been chosen based on the results obtained by the Youth Speak Survey, developed by AIESEC, the world's largest university students organisation, in cooperation with the United Nations. The aim is knowing young people's opinions at global level on the Sustainable Development Goals and the future, and to influence policy makers' decisions.
Last year, more than 42,000 young people between 18 and 25 from more than 100 countries arond the world, partecipated in the survey. The results show that education is seen as the most important problem for young people at global level.

In some parts of the world students are going to school every day. It's their normal life. But in other parts of the world, we are starving for education.

Malala Yousafzai

The Sustainable Development Goals, that are the objectives that will guide the planet towards 2030, were launched by the United Nations in September 2015 at the UN's headquarters in New York, where AIESEC's delegates were also present.
Quality education ranks fourth out of 17 of the UN Sustainable Development Goals and is defined as: “Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all”.
The issue will be developed from different points of view: Digital education, functional illiteracy education in the world, coding, gap between education and the work world, accessibility and non formal education.

Youth Speak Forum

Speak up and make it happen: the Youth Speak Forum is an opportunity for young people to make their voices heard and to contribute to global change.

The event is divided into three different parts, with the aim to: inspire, involve and act.
The morning will be dedicated to conversations on the issue of education, aimed at inspiring participants, through keynote speeches and a round table of experts.
In the second part of the event young people will be involved, allowing them to gain practical knowledge through 6 different workshops held by partners of AIESEC Italy, such as PwC, KPMG, Carter & Benson, LinkedIn Italia, ADiValue e Young Potentials
In the third part of the day, dedicated to act, participants will create a project with social impact to be developed in Italy, aiming at solving the issue of education. The best project will be chosen by a jury and will receive funding in order to be carried out.

Vita is media partner of the Youth Speak Forum.

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