Vita International is a new proactive media aiming to become the voice of European civil society. Among our primary objectives there is the need to increase media coverage of issues related to the non-profit sector while safeguarding and promoting its voice’s independence.

Moreover, through the creation and development of a new Editorial Advisory Committee, Vita International wants to increase the capacity of representation and advocacy’s impact of organizations in Europe.

We would like to replicate the successful experience of Vita in Italy at a European level. Created in 1994 to give voice to the Italian non-profit sector, over the years Vita has grown into a multimedia content company, providing strategic marketing consultancy, content creation services and digital solutions, primarily in sustainability, philanthropy and social business.

At the present time, Italian Editorial Advisory Committe directly involves 66 associations and 52.000 non profit realities. Vita is involved in inspiring change thanks to indipendent information, playing an active role in policymaking as well as regenerating communities through participation.

Besides its monthly magazine Vita, the daily news website dedicated to the non-profit world Vita.it and the African news website Afronline, Vita develops and produces editorial products for international organisations such as WWF, CTA and the European Foundation Centre.

Today, Vita has newsrooms in Brussels and Milan.

Vita is listed on the Milan AIM Stock Exchange.