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26 September Sep 2016 1110 26 September 2016

Good Moves, the first European recruitment service by NGO’s for NGO’s is coming to town. Join the launch seminar on 6th of October in Brussels.

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Good Moves, the first European recruitment service by NGO’s for NGO’s is coming to town. Join the launch seminar on 6th of October in Brussels.

Good Moves, Scotland’s most successful recruitment service for NGO’s, is coming to Brussels. A launch seminar on October 6th will reveal its remarkable success which has created massive efficiencies and financial benefits for NGO’s through its sector focused approach.

Now partnering with European civil society agencies, Goodmoves is growing into a European portal designed to replicate the proven benefits on a continental platform.
Key to the success of goodmoves is that it is delivered by NGO’s for NGO’s with the focus on agencies recruiting from an appropriate and informed pool of job seekers.
A further focus is on constantly reducing both the cost of advertising and the amount of administration time the employer needs to devote to assessing applications.

SCVO is delighted to be working with NGO partners in Europe as we Scots are fully committed to the European Union. The impact in Scotland of Goodmoves has been enormous with 90% of all civil society recruitment using the service. Over 1000 agencies repeatedly use Goodmoves and constantly report high quality applications from job seekers and successful recruitment outcomes. We take pride in having saved the sector in Scotland over £15m in actual advertising costs alone. We estimate the administration efficiency savings amongst recruiters totals another £20m. We look forward to engaging with NGO’s in Brussels and beyond in sharing that success.

John Ferguson, Director of Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations (SCVO)

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SCVO/Goodmoves organization partners and media partner:

European Network of National Civil Society Associations - A focused network close to its core constituency

Enna brings together organisations, platforms, and associations working at a national level to promote the cross-sectoral interests of the civil society sector. A membership that work directly and indirectly with over 80.000 local, regional, and national civil society organisations, which in turn touch the lives of millions of citizens, contributing every day to the improving of livelihood in local communities across Europe.

ENNA works on topics that affect almost all not-for-profit actors regardless of whether they work solely on social issues, environmental issues, socio-cultural activities, or any other topic of societal interest.


De Verenigde Verenigingen is the network of Flemish civil society organisations. We encompass a plethora of organisations active in different fields, from youth and environment over culture to development cooperation and other societal issues, and we aim to strengthen these organisations by connecting and uniting them as well as representing them at various political levels

Media Partner:

VITA International.

Vita International is a proactive media aiming at becoming the voice of European civil society organizations. Launched on November the 11th 2015 by Vita Group, a multimedia content company, creator and publisher of the leading Italian third sector magazine Vita, it features independent insights into Europe’s most challenging social issues and challenges, all the while exploring how civil society is responding to them.

Vita International follows the same mission that led to the creation of Vita magazine in 1994, giving voice to Italian non-profit organizations’ demands and expectations through a shared and independent media.

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