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Solidarity Salt, integrating migrants thanks to salt

24 February Feb 2017 1115 24 February 2017
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Solidarity salt is a new social enterprise empowering women refugees in Greece through selling sea salt, developing at the same time the local economy.

Solidarity Salt is a new social enterprise in Greece with the aim of improving the conditions of migrant women who arrive in the country, giving them a job, training, and allowing them to build a new life for themselves and for their families.

Greek Business Women

Solidarity Salt is an idea of two Greek entrepreneurs, Vivian Karavia and Elissavet Koulouri, who have decided to start a new social business, by involving migrant women, who select the best salt of the Greek sea and put it in a little handmade bag. Every bag has a message, which is the story of the woman who has made the bag

Why women?
«According to Kofi Annan “There is no development tool more effective than the empowerment of women".The UNHCR has recognised women refugees as being at the heart of the solution to the crisis around the world today. If they receive the support they need and are treated as active and dynamic participants, women refugees are shown to be not passive recipients of assistance but productive and resilient subjects».

Why Greek Sea Salt?
«Our goal is to grow into a food brand that will sell a range of products. But we will start with Greek sea salt. Greek Sea Salt is a gourmet salt that is totally natural, unrefined, unprocessed and makes simple food really taste fantastic. It is also a symbol of the dangerous sea journey that more than 1.000.000 newcomers made to enter the EU in Greece.»

In a country where unemployment is a serious problem the two innovative entrepreneurs have built a model that not only benefits migrant women, but also local economy. By buying the salt from the Greek Salinas, Solidarity Salt ensures that both local population and refugees can benefit from the project. Solidarity Salt is one of the first models in Greece that creates employment and that builds a scheme that can be replicated for other future businesses.

The product is sold at present through traditional retailers and a subscription service.

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