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Impact Journalism Day, 100 stories that change the world

22 June Jun 2016 1636 22 June 2016
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Every year more than 50 leading newspapers from around the world publish on the same day a special edition dedicated to 100 positive and innovative solutions to global issues. Organised by Sparknews, Impact Journalism Day is held on the 25th of June, and will reach 120 million readers, impacting their lives.

On the 25th of June 55 leading newspapers from across the globe will publish a special print and web edition dedicated to 100 positive and innovative solutions to global issues, on subjects like education, energy, health care, agriculture, water, technology, and urbanism. This is Impact Journalism Day, organised by Sparknews, a community of like-minded journalists, social entrepreneurs and individuals promoting solution journalism that sparks action around the world. Each year Sparknews identifies 100 positive innovations from more than 110 countries, bringing together an alliance of 55 newspapers commited to solution journalism, a journalistic approach that shares stories of hope, change and innovation, focusing on solutions rather than problems.

Impact Journalism Day, this year in its fourth edition, has a double impact: raising awareness and sparking action. The Day works on sharing: each newspaper will offer the stories of the most inspiring change makers and creative innovations in their country to the other partners.
“Reading the news on a daily basis can be a depressing affair. Worldwide, readers and audiences repeatedly report that they are put off by how negative the news seems to be. Yet the media’s role is to bring major issues and problems to the foreground and to keep us alert.

The idea behind Impact Journalism Day is to show that the media can also fulfill their role by reporting on inspiring solutions to the world’s problems. The alliance of 55 newspapers, united by Sparknews, presents a different vision of journalism: problems AND solutions can make the news together. This view, along with the conviction that quality, solutions-based news is something readers aspire to have more of, is part of a growing movement in the press to feature stories of hope and change, says Christian de Boisredon, founder of Sparknews.

From Paris to Hong Kong, to Senegal and New York these 55 newspapers will reach and impact the life of 120 million readers altogether who will read stories of real, tried-and-tested and innovative solutions from around the world.
The fourth edition of Impact Journalism Day will gather 55 leading newspapers across the world, among which: Le Figaro (France),The Huffington Post (United States), The Moscow Times (Russia), La Nación (Argentina), The Sydney Morning Herald (Australia) and Die Welt (Germany).

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