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NGOs online: 78% agree that social media is effective for online fundraising

13 June Jun 2016 1149 13 June 2016
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Today the Global NGO Online Technology Report was published, with 2,780 NGOs sharing how they use websites, blogs, email, & social media.

2,780 NGOs, 133 countries , 6 continents.

The Global NGO Online Technology Report shows that in Australia & Oceania, Europe, and North America the use of web and email communications, online fundraising tools, and social media by NGOs is high, whilst in Asia, Africa, and South America lag behind.

"The NGO sector has embraced Internet technology, but at varying speeds based upon the Internet infrastructure of the country in which they reside. Social, economic, and political factors in each of the world’s countries have either hastened or hindered the development of Internet infrastructure," states the report.

27% of donors worldwide cite social media as the communication tool that inspires them the most often to give.

Global NGO Online Technology Report 2016

A survey of this kind has never been conducted before. "Though imperfect, the data gleaned from the online survey is unprecedented and provides valuable insight into the global NGO sector and its use of online technology. This is not a surprising finding, but until this research the NGO sector has never been able to quantify the differences in online technology use by continent," says the report.

"It’s a small sampling, but it validates the growing trend to give online and speaks to the power of social media to inspire online giving, especially by Gen X and Millennials. Next year’s survey and report will examine global giving trends in more detail."

There are diverse regional differences in how NGOs worldwide utilize online technology, but as a whole the data gathered from surveying 2,780 NGOs from 133 countries can be used by NGOs throughout the globe to set goals for their online communications and fundraising strategies.

Global NGO Online Technology Report 2016

Some of the key results show that 92% of NGOs worldwide have a website, 75% accept online donations, and 95% have a Facebook Page.

With regional differences clear, the Global Tech Report concludes on the positive note that "as mobile technology and Internet infrastructure continues to improve worldwide, it’s conceivable that within a decade regional differences will lesson significantly and NGOs worldwide will become equally empowered to use the Internet to advance social good."

Photo Credits: Getty Images/Justin Sullivan

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