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Venice, images for human rights on show

13 June Jun 2018 2142 13 June 2018
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The photo exhibition “They defend our Freedoms” opens on the 15th of June at the premises of the European Inter-University Centre for Human Rights and Democratisation (EIUC)/Global Campus of Human Rights. Launched by the European Parliament together with Magnum Photos, it celebrates the 30th anniversary of the Sakharov Prize for freedom of expression. Heidi Hautala, vice-president of the European Parliament, will attend the opening of the event.

The photo exhibition “ They defend our freedoms” arrives in Venice, launched by the European Parliament in collaboration with Magnum Photos, to mark the 30th anniversary of the Sakharov prize for freedom of expression.

The Global Campus of Human Rights, a unique network of one hundred universities around the world seeking to advance human rights and democracy education, is glad to announce the opening of the photo exhibition “They defend our freedoms”. The exhibition launches on the 15th of June at the premises of EIUC/Global Campus of Human Rights, located at the Monastery of San Nicolò in Venice Lido, with the presence of Heidi Hautala, vice-president of the European Parliament. With this public event, the institution will also pay tribute to the 70 years of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Since 1988 the European Parliament has been awarding the Sakharov Prize for freedom of thought to individuals and organisations that have made an exceptional contribution to the fight for human rights. They defend our freedoms - 30 years of the Sakharov Prize is a new project to document through images the life and work of four human rights activists. The project gives a voice to these unsung heroes, presenting an immersive journey into their daily lives as seen through the diverse perspectives of Magnum photographers.

The exhibition showcases the stories of: Asma Kaouech (Tunisia), photographed by Newsha Tavakolian, Samrith Vaing (Cambodia), photographed by Jérôme Sessini, Jadranka Miličević (Bosnia-Erzegovina), photographed by Bieke Depoorter and Ameha Mekonnen (Ethiopia), photographed by Enri Canaj.

From women’s rights to freedom of speech, from preventing radicalization and minority oppression, these activists have devoted their lives to defending human rights around the globe.

The exhibition will open in conjunction with EIUC’s Venice School of Human Rights (9 - 16 June 2018) which, since 2016, has hosted up to 14 Sakharov fellows selected by the European Parliament to attend the Sakharov Fellowship training programme for human rights defenders. The exhibition will be open to the public, from the 18th of June to the 5th of September, with free entry.

Edited by Cristina Barbetta

Photo: © Newsha Tavakolian/Magnum Photos, 2017

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