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Social Economy

Social enterprises thriving in the UK

1 March Mar 2016 1216 01 March 2016
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The SE100 Annual Report 2015 has been published, and the results are telling. With social enterprises gaining more traction, the SE100 shows that social enterprises in the UK are making a substantial impact, and have the potential to go even further in the coming years.

With more than 10 billion pounds in revenue, and 1.3 billion reinvested in social activities, social enterprises are thriving in the UK.

The SE100 Annual Report 2015 published by Natwest has counted 1244 social enterprises to date. With an impressive 80% growth rate in revenue, social enterprises in the UK are increasingly gaining momentum. The top 100 social enterprises recorded a 951% growth rate, compared to for-profit enterprises' growth rates, which are only at 65%.

The North West of the UK has been recognised as a leading region for social enterprises, and is home to many of the top performing social enterprises on the NatWest SE100 Index.

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