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European March for Refugee Rights Brussels

Belgium Brussels -

On 27 February 2016 European citizens will come together in cities across the continent to stand up for human rights in Europe. More than 60 cities in 19 countries in Europe and the world are taking part in this demonstration to ask our governments and the European Institutions to take action now to open safe passage routes for all those who seek protection.

#SAFEPASSAGE : legal and safe routes: no more deaths at our borders.
#SAFEPASSAGE : protection for refugees on their travel through Europe.
#SAFEPASSAGE : high standards of reception and asylum in all European countries, no longer diminishing the rights of asylum seekers and refugees, allowing refugees to keep their belongings, allowing them to be reunited with their families and providing stability as far as their right of residence is concerned.

These people are running away from war, persecution and starvation. A death count in the Mediterranean Sea of 363 women, men and children in January 2016 and appalling conditions in refugee camps like Calais and Dunkirk speak for themselves.

The need to provide safe passage has never been more urgent.
Join us in Brussels to ask our governments and the European Institutions to guarantee the fundamental human rights of people seeking protection, both those already here and those yet to come.