The Festival, organised by Social Enterprise Acumen, aims to raise the profile of social enterprise across the North East of England and challenge us all to consider the social impact of our purchasing decisions.


The Sage Gateshead will host the second North East Social Enterprise Festival on Saturday October 29th, organised by Social Enterprise Acumen

Although the majority of Social Entrepreneurs operate and trade for the benefit of communities in the North East (so when they profit, our society profits) there are many internationally known brands operating for global good and we look forward to welcoming them to the North East.

The Festival will have numerous displays of the benefits of collaborative efforts and a fantastic array of creative ways to combat social problems. Puppets, robots, stilt walkers, drummers, artists, IT geeks, bakers and business skills will all be displayed.

The Festival provides a platform for social entrepreneurs to demonstrate the tools they use to fulfil their desires to make their community better.