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Implementation of EFSI for social inclusion

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Implementation of EFSI:Unlocking investment for social inclusion


Venue: JAN 6Q1 European Parliament, Brussels.

Registration: See below in red.

Social Services have significant investment needs given the rising demand for services, the important job creation that comes alongside such demand and the necessity to develop high quality, personalized and user-driven care and support services in line with the EU’s human rights principles. The European Fund for Strategic Investment (EFSI) can be a useful tool in which to unlock investment into high quality social services and improve career paths for its workforce. 

Despite this potential, only 3% of EFSI investment has been dedicated to “social infrastructure”; far below the possible contribution EFSI could make towards such a growing sector. The Seminar will aim at discussing how the EFSI could better target investment into this field, as well as tackling the many issues that arise when discussing the financing of such an important sector: quality requirements, user involvement, role of public and private financing, etc.

The Seminar –hosted by Ms Romana Tomc- will also be the perfect opportunity to discuss how the European Parliament’s report on the “Implementation of EFSI could ensure that such a financial mechanism can contribute significantly to social inclusion in Europe, in particular through investment in high-quality social services. Ms Romana Tomc is also the EMPL Committee’s rapporteur for the report on the Implementation of EFSI.

A full briefing on the state of play about EFSI and Social Services can be found here.



08h30                     Accreditation to the European Parliament. Please come to the main entrance of the European Parliament on the side of Place du Luxembourg. Last entry for those who need accreditation will be at 8h45.


09h00 – 09h15     Welcoming Speech by Ms Romana Tomc, Host & Member of the European Parliament (EPP, SI) and Mr Luk Zelderloo, Secretary General EASPD


09h15 – 09h35     Perspective on the opportunities of EFSI for social inclusion by Thomas Bignal, Policy Officer EASPD


09h35 – 10h15     PANEL I   Perspective by the European Parliament”

Discussion led by Mr Thomas Bignal


  1.   Ms Romana Tomc, EMPL Rapporteur for report on “Implementation of EFSI” (2016)
  2.   Ms Mercedes Bresso, REGI Rapporteur for report on “Implementation of EFSI” (2016) (tbc)
  3.   Mr Jose Manuel Fernandes, Co-rapporteur for Report on the “Proposal for a Regulation on EFSI” (2013) (tbc)
  4.   Mr Udo Bullmann, Co-rapporteur for Report on the “Proposal for a Regulation on EFSI” (2013) (tbc)


Questions and Answers with participants


10h15 – 10h50      PANEL II: Perspectives from Stakeholders on EFSI”

Discussion led by Mr Dirk Coeckelbergh, Independent Financial Consultant


  1.     Ms Ruth Paserman, Deputy Head of Cabinet for Marianne Thyssen, Commissioner for Employment, Social Affairs, Skills and Labour Mobility (tbc)
  2.     Mr Fabio Salviato, Chair FEBEA (tbc)
  3.     Ms Sorcha Edwards, Secretary General Housing Europe (tbc)
  4.     A representative from the social services sector

Questions and Answers with participants


10h50 – 11h00      PANEL III: Conclusions by  Ms Romana Tomc, MEP and Mr Luk Zelderloo, EASPD Secretary General


Additional Information

  •          EASPD Study on Unlocking the EFSI for Social Services
  •          The EFSI website and leaflet
  •          EASPD State of Play Briefing on EFSI and Social Services
  •          Who to follow on Twitter: #investEU @EASPD_Brussels @EIB @MiguelGilTertre @AuraSalla @jyrkikatainen


To register, contact Mr André Felix, at andre.felix@easpd.eu by 31st August.

If you need accreditation to the European Parliament, please send the following information with your registration: full name, date of birth, ID/passport number and nationality.


Who are we?

The European Association of Service providers for Persons with Disabilities is a non-profit European umbrella organization, established in 1996, and currently representing over 12.000 social and health services for persons with disabilities. EASPD advocates effective and high-quality disability-related services in the field of education, employment and individualised support, in line with the UN CRPD principles, which could bring benefits not only to persons with disabilities, but to society as a whole.



For more information, please contact:

Thomas Bignal
EASPD Policy Officer

T. +32 2 282 46 19