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The Social Platform Annual Report 2015 unveiled

4 January Jan 2017 1432 04 January 2017

Social Platform have released their annual report 2015

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Social Platform have released their annual report 2015

2015 was a year of mixed emotions for Social Platform, the largest civil society alliance fighting for social justice and participatory democracy in Europe.

On the one hand in 2015 Social Platform celebrated their 20th anniversary, culminating in a panel debate on their achievements and the situation of social Europe. The celebrations allowed Social Platform to take stock of their achievements over the last two decades and gather strength for the challenges ahead.

On the other hand, in 2015 the EU faced a number of social crises, with the migration agenda and the spread of populism taking centre stage.

Social Platform worked hard to address these issues, as well as focusing on other areas close to their heart:

  • Access to service
  • EU social standards
  • An EU internal human rights strategy
  • Civil dialogue
  • European governance

Please find out more about Social Platform’s Annual Report 2015